What to Expect from Social Security

If you are planning on drawing on Social Security benefits to support yourself in retirement, you probably (rightly) worry about the status of Social Security benefits. This morning, the 2019 Annual Report on Social Security was released. There were no major changes from last year’s report, which is not good news since the Social Security Trust Fund is projected to run out of money.

This blog post provides highlights from the 2019 Annual Report and explains what it means for retirement planning.

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Are You Saving Enough?

Many people worry that they aren’t saving enough for their retirement. Others are so careful with their money that they save so much they will never be able to spend it all.

Today’s post discusses how to figure out how much you should be saving. We also provide some rule-of-thumb guidance. Since everyone’s situation is unique, if you have questions about your specific circumstances, you may want to consult with a financial adviser.

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College Savings Strategies

Almost everyone I know is thinking about saving for college. Millenials are thinking about going to graduate school. Gen Xers are worried about their kids’ education. And Baby Boomers want to help their grandchildren.

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Three Focus Areas to Meet Your Financial Goals

Managing all aspects of finance can be overwhelming. Should you eat at restaurants less and cook at home more? Should you invest in growth stocks? Is a Roth IRA better than a Traditional IRA?

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